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2018 three CD collection. Leo Sayer, in a career spanning 45 years, has sold more than 80 million records worldwide. The Gold Collection, which Leo personally compiled and sequenced, is a 54-track set. It delves into Leo''s deep and rich catalog, delivering all of his UK Top 30 hits, including 11 Top 10s and his two UK #1''s ''When I Need You'' and ''Thunder In My Heart Again'', the latter with Meck and the US #1 (UK #2) hit ''You Make Me Feel Like Dancing''. The Gold Collection also includes many key album tracks from the early part of his career, many of which were written/composed by other major artists of the time, as well as a number of recordings written for him by other international singer/songwriters. All in all, this is a fantastic collection of his classic recordings that will remind everyone that Leo Sayer is one of the UK''s great singer/songwriters of all time.

Track Listings

Disc: 1

1 You Make Me Feel Like Dancing - 7" Version
2 Thunder in My Heart
3 Long Tall Glasses - 7" Version
4 The Show Must Go on - 7" Version
5 Moonlighting
6 I Will Not Stop Fighting
7 One Man Band
8 Why Is Everybody Going Home
9 Stormy Weather
10 Giving It All Away
11 Don''t Wait Until Tomorrow
12 Train - Original 1974 Version
13 Living in a Fantasy
14 In My Life
15 Millionaire
16 When the Money Runs Out
17 World Radio
18 Thunder in My Heart Again - Radio Edit (Meck Feat Leo Sayer)

Disc: 2

1 When I Need You
2 I Can''t Stop Loving You (Though I Try)
3 Have You Ever Been in Love
4 Slow Motion
5 She''s Not Coming Back
6 Bye Bye Now My Sweet Love
7 Orchard Road
8 Rumours
9 How Much Love
10 Easy to Love
11 Fool for Your Love
12 Your Love Still Brings Me to My Knees
13 Dancing the Night Away
14 The Dancer
15 I Want You Back
16 Sea of Heartbreak
17 Passion
18 Another Year

Disc: 3

1 More Than I Can Say
2 Raining in My Heart
3 Heart (Stop Beating in Time) - 7" Version
4 The World Has Changed
5 Let It Be
6 The Bells of St. Mary''s
7 Tell Me Just One More Time
8 Magdalena
9 Streets of Your Town
10 Til You Come Back to Me - 7" Single
11 Goodnight Old Friend
12 Solo (From ''Just a Boy'')
13 Something Fine
14 It''s Over
15 No Looking Back
16 Unchained Melody
17 Love Hurts
18 Endless Flight

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